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New strategies to get noticed by employers!

We frequently hear from job-seekers who are frustrated with job-hunting on the Internet. They have posted their resume on the major job boards or searched for and responded to job postings -- but have heard nothing back from employers. 

Here are a few new strategies to help you get noticed by employers and recruiters online...

Publish your resume on your own Web page. Posting your own resume -- your way -- out there in cyberspace can be a terrific addition to posting your resume on major and niche job boards. Since many employers now require resumes to be submitted in an unattractive and unadorned text/scannable format, publishing your resume on the Web gives employers 24/7 access to a more graphically pleasing version of your resume. 

While many recruiters rely on the searchable databases they subscribe to, such as or databases within their own companies, they "still also surf the Web for Web-based resumes. Web-based resumes can be tools for job seekers to showcase successful projects. Of course, if you want to publish your Web-based resume, you need to have Web space in which to publish it. Fortunately there are many free places on the web to accomplish this! 

Another strategy to get noticed is by using a resume distribution or resume "blasting" -- service. These services typically send your resume to a select group of recruiters, and/or employers. Rather than the passive posting or publishing of your resume, these services specialize in sending your resume to recruiters and employers that match your skills and industry. 

Don't spend all your job-hunting time in cyberspace. Integrate your Internet job search into a comprehensive job-search campaign that devotes plenty of time to traditional job-hunting techniques, such as cold-calling , developing a great resume and especially, networking. 

About five years ago, the conventional wisdom was that you should spend about 25 percent of your job-hunting time on Internet job-searching, and the rest on more conventional methods. Today, however, using the Internet, whether for job-searching or a myriad of other uses, is a valuable skill in itself, so Internet job-hunting need not be subject to arbitrary time limits. 

Communicating online, including the ability to apply for jobs online, is fast becoming the norm as the Internet grows as a mainstay of business today. The Internet is not just a job search tool, but a business communications tool. And to say that a job seeker should only spend 1/4 of his/her time on the Internet for job-seeking purposes is not realistic. Still, job-seekers should integrate the 'Net sensibly into their job-search campaigns. Internet job-hunting can be effective, but you've also got to get out there and actually talk to people. 

Finally, don't hesitate to use the Internet for all the ancillary functions that enhance your job search, such as career assessment, company research, relocation, salary negotiation, and networking. 

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